Internet Banking

Business Enroll

Business Internet Banking

 Through Business Internet Banking, you have full access to your Merchants & Marine Bank accounts. Complete privacy, controlled though client and employee identification codes and passwords. This ensures only authorized access to your company’s accounts.

 By selecting the Business Internet Features you want, you can tailor the services that are right for your businesses cash management needs.

 Cash Position

 Review current and anticipated balances for all accounts or access balance information for a single account. Balance information includes pending items and float.

Don’t wait for your statement to come in the mail. Access your transaction information anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Don’t shuffle through old bank statements, review 13 months of prior bank statements.

 View previous stop payment history.

 Funds Management

 Transfer funds between any of your Merchants & Marine Bank accounts.Transfers can be set up for routine/repetitive or special/non repetitive needs.

 Transfer funds to or from another financial institution via ACH (Automated Clearing House).An ACH requires 1-2 days to debit/credit receiving institution.

 Features of Business Internet Banking

 View daily cash position

 Verify merchant credit card deposits

 Transfer funds to cover payroll or capital expenditures

 Transfer excess funds to savings or money market accounts to maximize interest income

 Make a loan payment

 How to Enroll?

 Fill out this brochure and bring the information into one of our convenient branches.For questions, please call Lauren Faucett, Cash Management Support Specialist at 228-934-1258.