Inactive Checking Account Information

Information on an Inactive Checking Account

What is an Inactive Account?

An account is considered inactive if it does not have a “customer-initiated transaction” such as a deposit, withdrawal, ATM/point-of-sale transaction, or an online banking transaction for a period of 10 months. 

What happens if my account stays in an Inactive status?

Once your checking account is put into an “inactive” status, you have 60 days to make a customer-initiated transaction such as making a deposit, withdrawal, ATM/point-of-sale transaction, or online banking transaction. You may call our Call Center at (228) 934-1323 or (866) 223-9512 to have a representative make a transfer between your accounts before your account goes into “dormant” status. If no customer-initiated transaction occurs in those 60 days, your account is put into a “dormant” status and you will be assessed a dormant fee of $5.00 each month thereafter until the account is no longer dormant. If your account remains in a dormant status, it could be deemed as abandoned property under state law. 

What happens if my account is deemed Abandoned Property?

There is a law called the Unclaimed Property Act. This law requires that “holders” such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies, retail stores, utility companies, and business associations turn over any assets such as money, cash, checks, or stocks that have been “abandoned” for which there has been no contact for a period of five (5) years to the Office of the State Treasurer. 

®    By making a transaction on your account, you are putting your account back into an “active” status and therefore your account is not considered abandoned property.  

What does the Office of the State Treasurer do with my money?

The Office of the State Treasurer is responsible for the administration of the Unclaimed Property Act. The Unclaimed Property Division of the Office of the State Treasurer is charged with trying to locate the rightful owner of such assets. 

Can I get my money back if it has been turned over to the State?

Yes. You can visit the state’s website at for instructions on how to make a claim to your property. 

If you have any other questions about your account, please contact the Call Center at (228) 934-1323 or 866-223-9512.

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